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If you’re currently looking for a financial advisor, there is a possibility we could be a good fit. If you’re interested in reaching out, please read the short description below of whom I normally advise and how it could work. If you think we’d potentially be a good fit, please get in touch via the contact page.

Retirement Planning

We create and maintain highly customizable plans specific to your situation. Common plans include:

  • How much money should save
  • What type of account should you save money in (IRA, Roth, 401(k), trust, etc…)
  • Tax projections, Roth conversion strategies, long-term care projections & life insurance analysis
  • Which investments/accounts to take income from
  • Stress tests to measure potential risks of inflation, market crashes, interest rate changes, etc.

Investment Management

We create investment policy statements specifically designed to fit your financial plan. We also evaluate current investments and look for potential red flags. Common advice includes:

  • Current risk level & needed risk level
  • Asset allocation
  • Trend analysis
  • Technical hedging strategies
  • Fee structure & level
  • Income generation

Secondary Content

I am a fee-based financial planner who proudly acts as a fiduciary for my clients. This means I have a legal obligation to put my clients first when offering any and all advice.

My professional emphasis is retirement income and retirement plan design. I also have extensive experience in the agricultural community due to my background. Our firm is associated with a large, regional CPA firm who helps us offer high-level tax advice. We also utilize a vast network of independent investment researchers.

I believe strongly in communication and utilize various technology mediums to keep clients up to date on current events. I also visit with every qualified client once per year, minimum. For more complex situations, I increase that to as many as four times per year.

Our firm offers, 24/7 online access to both investment accounts and financial plans. Our use of technology allows us to track clients’ real-time progress and get out in front of potential issues before they snowball.

Schedule a Meeting

We are a growing business with the ability to support more clients, and I am happy to invest an hour of time for the potential of a long-term relationship. We can discuss your current situation, go over any potential questions, and ultimately decide if we can work together.

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