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PFA Retirement Blueprint

Investing and simplifying life to focus on the things that truly matter. 

Income Planning

Income Planning

Evaluation and Maximization of retirement income sources. Helping you plan a custom strategy to provide reliable income is a top priority.

  1. Income & Expense Needs Analysis
  2. Income Protection plan
    • Inflation protection
    • Spousal protection
    • Asset Protection
    • Longevity Protection
  3. Social Security & Pension Optimization (and help signing up)
  4. Income Plan Timeline
  5. Ongoing Adjustments & Stress Tests

Click here for sample social security optimization report

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Building and managing a retirement portfolio that can meet a retiree’s income goals in a manner consistent with the client’s preferred risk/return profile.

  1. Assess Risk Tolerance & Current Holdings
  2. Develop Efficient Target Asset Allocation
  3. Tactical Adjustments
  4. Minimize Fees
  5. Efficient Rebalancing & Ongoing Position Analysis

Click here for sample investment portfolio report

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Evaluating and forecasting potential tax liabilities to develop both a short term and long-term plan to reduce the amount of your net worth paid to the federal and state governments.

  1. Evaluate current tax return and taxable nature of current holdings
  2. Project future income and tax liabilities
  3. Maximize Asset Location:
    • Tax-deferred vs. taxable vs. tax-free
    • Accumulation vs income
    • Interest vs. dividends
  4. Evaluate tax savings’ strategies, Roth conversions, and long-term plan
  5. Adjust strategies as tax laws and family events occur

Click here for sample Roth conversion report

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare costs are always on the rise. Advise on various healthcare programs and associated risk for you and your family.

  1. Evaluate current health insurance and alternative options
  2. Assist will all things pertaining to Medicare, including sign-up
    • Part A
    • Part B
    • Advantage Plans
    • Part D
    • Supplements
  3. Determine long-term care risks and funding sources
  4. Work together to implement a long-term care plan

Click here for a summary of Long-Term Care Planning Options

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Helping to make sure your wishes are carried out in the most efficient manner possible.

  1. Identify legacy goals
  2. Review current estate documents or assist in getting them in place
  3. Implement strategies to minimize taxes and maximize beneficiary value
  4. Advise on purchases, sales, gifts, and other asset transfers
  5. Involve beneficiaries at client’s request and help to create a smooth transition

Click here for a sample Estate planning flow chart

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